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December 13, 2009

Jason & Michelle,

We purchased a puppy from you in 2008 and flew down to GA to get her. I was hoping to get a mailing address for you, so that I can send a Christmas card. I also was wondering, if you had any pictures of Lulu's mom. Her name was Scarlett.

Just a quick update. Lulu, who was named Priscilla on your page, is the most wonderful dog a person could ask for! No one has ever met an animal like her, she loves everything and everybody. She was the easiest puppy to train, she doesn't bark......yes, that's what I said we have only heard her bark maybe a half a dozen times, when she was frightened by something!!

She is so loving and affectionate. I have taken her to the physical rehabilitation center at the hospital, she goes to ball games, and al family events. If we don't take her everyone wants to know where she is, they don't even say "hello" to us anymore! She is such a huge part of our lives, we couldn't imagine life without her.

She loves to swim too! My fiance takes her fishing out in the boat in the summer and ice fishing in the shanty in the winter, she loves doing everything. We have people who call and ask if she can come play with their dog because they love her personality so much!

All in all she is the best addition we could have ever asked for and we are very thankful to have found such a wonderful place to take such pride in their puppies. Thank you very much!!!!!

Somer Vipond & Bob Hinds


December 6 & 8, 2009

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Rufus (aka Rudy) had his 1st check-up today. He's a whopping 11 pounds and our Vet said he looks absolutely perfect!! :-) We are beyond thrilled....he's just such a little love bug! If any of your clients ever ask you for a reference, please don't hesitate to give them our information. You guys have been fantastic to work with! Many blessings to you and your family for a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season.

Hi Longley Family,

Just wanted to let you know that we are so thrilled to have Rufus here with us! He is snoring (quietly??) away in his kennel. Our boys were SO shocked when we picked him up at the airport....they kept asking if he was really ours. LOL! Here are a couple of pics of Rufus with our sons Chris (10) and Tyler (7). I'm sure there will be plenty more to follow!

Thank you for making our Holiday special. :-)

All our best,
Tricia & Paul Kallmeyer
Trumbull, CT


November 12, 2009


Not sure if you remember me but you sold one of Peanut's sons to my wife (Erin) and I back in Summer 2007. We live in NY and you had him sent to NJ. We named him Chutoro, which translates in Japanese to "Fatty belly Tuna." We thought the name fit him.

I'm late in sending you pics, but wanted to show you what a great dog he turned out to be. He is truly a part of our family and one of the best parts of our lives. Everyone in our neighborhood adores him. When I take him for a walk, more people know his name than they do mine. Anyway, best of luck with everything and keep raising those gorgeous and loving puppies.

Take care, Kareem and Erin


August 10, 2009 - Barkley's 3rd Birthday

Hi Michelle,

We are finally able to get pictures of them (Barkley and Daphney) together. I hope you enjoy.

The Holmes Family


July 22, 2009

Hi Jason,

My husband and I decided that we need to wait a while to get another puppy. :-(

Bella's trainer for her puppy class gave you a great compliment last night. She said that if we do get another puppy we should go with the same breeder because Bella is so smart and such a good dog! We already new that. She said that the bullies from this area have lots of issues. My vet said the same thing. Just thought you would appreciate the words of praise!!

Bella is so cute in class. She is growing into quite a fine bully!! So good looking!! Love your new webcam!

Kim Vicente

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July 13, 2009

Minnie use to need a separate place to get away from the big bullies, now they need a get away from her, she just doesn't stop, so cute. I have a corner shelf I put her pillow in and she loves to take naps in there. She is growing but yet so small, isn't she beautiful!

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July 11, 2009

Hi Jason / Michelle,

Well, I made it home safely - the ride back to Texas was less eventful than the ordeal driving to Georgia. But as before, I enjoyed it and Rex (Guinness) was a hit everywhere I stopped. Guinness and Sam are getting along famously - as you would have guessed. Oh, and of course as before, our veterinarian thinks you guys are great and just loves Guinness.

Here are just a couple of pictures...one of Guinness with his namesake beverage, and one of him with his half-sister Sam (see below). I think Peanut would be proud!

Brian & Shelley McPeak


June 24, 2009

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to again say thanks for everything you did for us.  "Winston" (aka Sluggo) and I got home safe without incident from those "nice folks" at AA. He has definately been a huge hit around our house. He has been extremely well behaved and doesn't fuss at all. He hasn't even had an accident in the house.

You are a class gentleman and I will definately be refering people to you. 

Thanks a ton,
Craig Johnson

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SAM - English Bulldog

June 20, 2009

Hi Jason / Michelle,

My wife Shelley spoke with Jason a little while ago...

This is to confirm that we want to add Rex to our family and to share a picture of SAM - the puppy we purchased from you last year.

We could not be happier with SAM (Samantha Augusta McPeak), and our Veterinarian is very impressed with her breeding. She is not only gorgeous but also sweet, loving, and full of kisses. She feels compelled to greet everyone she sees and they seem to be just as happy to meet her! Once we left your home and headed back to Texas SAM began her collection of fans. Everywhere we stopped people wanted to hold her, take her picture, and always shared a big smile. She has not stopped adding admirers but I'm sure Buster will cut in on some of her action...

You have proven to not only be a great breeder and care taker of the Bulldog breed but honest and trustworthy - thank you !! Even though you are over 1,000 miles away we did not even consider looking elsewhere for our second Bulldog. Could you move a little closer 'cause something tells me Buster will not be our last ...

Sincerely, Brian - Shelley, and SAM

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barkely - English Bulldog

June 19, 2009


I was just checking with you regarding Barkley. The vet was very impressed with him & all of the office staff loved him. My husband (who didn't look excited while we were there) absolutely loves and spoils him. He goes for rides with him sitting on his lap. Rides the 4-wheeler, he even sleeps in bed with us. Everywhere we go people ask to take his picture. The golden has warmed up to him and plays with him but the shit-zu still hates him. I included a picture of him with the golden....I will get some better ones and send them soon. I think his name is Little chub or Chuck hopefully soon it will be finalized.

Thanks for such a wonder baby


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April 29, 2009

Hi Guys,

All is great here!  Teddy is AWSOME!!  Here are some videos I promised I'd send you.  Enjoy.




April 14, 2009

Hello Michelle and Jason,

Is has been almost 7 months since we "adopted" our baby girl, Ziggy, from you.  Attached please find pics of Ziggy. We cannot believe how attached we are towards her.  We have owned other breeds before but Ziggy has really won our hearts. She is like a little person. She is everything you said that she would be. She is our child and spoiled like one! Ziggy has all her toys scattered in the kitchen and the family room. And as parents we pick up after her!  When we go to the pet store she gets to pick out a toy of her choice.  We started obedience class this week and being a proud parent she was the star of the class. She gets along with other dogs and have a great disposition all around. Ziggy is very lovable. She does have her moments, she is still a puppy!  We are very lucky that she has not chewed anything up in the house except for the things she is allowed, her toys. Ziggy loves the empty water bottles but we have to keep any eye on her because she can really tear them up in a matter of minutes. (That's a bulldog for you!) She loves sitting on the recliner and taking a nap with me. She is no watch dog...she is a "scaredy cat." Ziggy does not sleep with us because she can really "saw some logs"  and there is no way we can get any sleep.  She sleeps in the kitchen and we can hear her upstairs in the bedroom. We are now discussing on getting Ziggy a playmate...can we be really be that lucky and have 2 great bulldogs?  Doug and I thank you for giving us the opportunity of having a great addition to our family!!! By the way, she loves "stay overs" at Grandma's.

Tiv and Doug

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April 1, 2009

Here she is 1yr 2mo roughly.  I know you hear this from everyone but this dog is really a good dog.  They have very different personalities than I was expecting. After raising terriers forever this was a wonderful change.  She is not always trying to get into everything or run off or push my buttons.  If I tell her no, I don't have to tell her again!  I cant believe it.  Maybe I just got an exceptional dog or now I know why people want them so bad?? 

Anyway, I win the lottery everytime I look at her!! lol  (or maybe I just crack up)

Have a wonderful day!

Tom and Karen Bowers
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April 1, 2009

Hey there! I was able to snag a photo last night of my new Puppy and thought I would share. I am still working on his name though Im leaning towards Rolo at the moment thanks to his cute little roll he does. I really appreciate the kindness and help you all have provided! Be on the lookout for more photos and a final name! :)

Thanks so much!

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March 2, 2009

My fiance and I purchased Huxley this August and I can not tell you how happy we are with him!! He is the LOVE of our life and we feel so popular anywhere we go with him. Everyone tells us that 1) they have never seen such a beautifully colored bullie 2) he is the most friendly bulldog they have ever met (after he licks everyone in the store) 3) he has the sweetest personality with children and other dogs a like. Thank you so much to puppychase for giving us our new love. Huxley even convinced our vet to purchase a new puppy!!

Caley Coyle

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February 27, 2009


Buster is doing great! He's just pure love. Here are some professional pictures of him my friend took.  He'll be 1 year on March 20th. Buster's favorite thing to do is sit on our front wall and talk to joggers. Since we live on a main road in Atlanta he meets about 10 new people a day. He's become a neighborhood celebrity and the unofficial mascot of the Treehouse Bar and Grille at the end of the road. They allow dogs on the deck there. I can't tell you how many people call and ask us where we got him and we just say go to Puppychase.com.

Adam Brookins
(see also 2008 testimonial)

Rudy Patootie

January 21, 2009

Michelle and Jason: We wanted to send you an update on “Rudy Patootie” (aka Bo - 4/30 litter), and a picture or two for your gallery.

Everyone at Dr. Rush's veterinary clinic loves him. The technicians , especially, love to make over him. It's like flies to honey! If I were a young single man looking for a nice girl, I would get myself a bulldog puppy and just wait on the street corner. What's that saying? “If you build it, they will come.”

We also have a large number of children in our neighborhood. I have to “sneak” Rudy out, for his “duties” while the kids are pre-occupied elsewhere. If they spot him, up to a block away, you have no chance of completing the original objective.

A few days ago, two little girls passed our house on their bikes. I heard one say, “let's stop on the way back and visit Rudy's home.” Something is out of control when our home is no longer known as the Wilson's home….. It's Rudy's home.

And he doesn't help much. His favorite pastime, when we should be walking, exercising, and doing our “duty” is to sit at the end of the drive and stare up and down the road. He is looking for someone to come and love him. He especially loves the children and does all the typical “cutesy” bulldog antics to enchant them.

Rudy is almost ten months old now and very much a part of our family. He is the typical little boy. Trouble seems to find him in spite of himself. He reminds me of Tom Sawyer and his escapades. The memories, that stand out so far, among many, …..…..are:

  1. He got his head stuck is one of Sharon's antique pottery jugs and had to be saved by his Mommy.
  2. He got into a running “jag” one day and ran across the kitchen “lickety split.” He forgot that our floors are wood and tried his best to put on the skids as he neared the door. But God was not there to help him on that day. He smashed open the screen door, tumbled down two steps, and came to rest in the middle of the garage floor. Then he looked back at me as if to say.. “What happened Dad?”
  3. Whenever we go for a walk, he runs and grabs a toy from his toy box to take with him. And when he goes to bed at night he does the same. The other day he spotted five deer grazing in our back yard. There he stood, trying to growl, with a stuffed toy in his mouth. Something is wrong with that hunting scene.
  4. He loves to go for rides in the truck and sleep with his head in his Mom's lap. His favorite trip is to Publix because that means his Mom is getting him more food. It is also a chance to greet shoppers going in and out of the store. He's a “social butterfly.”

Hopefully, we will be blessed with many years and memories to come with our Rudy Patootie. Well, you guys have a blessed 2009 and if you are ever the Cumming area, please stop by.

Sharon and Bill Wilson

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January 15, 2009

Jason and Michelle,    

I figured I would email you to tell you Mugsey is doing great and getting big. Love the big guy to death, and is a riot to have. Hope all is well!                                                                                    

Take Care,

Michael Bradley

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January 14, 2009

Hi Jason,

Since I have not sent any photos since we got Marley (we kept the name you gave him), I wanted to share some photo's of his first birthday. He has stolen our hearts!  He's a big boy... last time we were at the vet (Nov) he was 65 pounds!  He did well in Chicago summer heat and absolutely loves the snow, not so much the -2 temps we are having now!

You were right when you told us the best toys are the free ones.  It is amazing how a milk jug keeps him busy for hours, and us laughing as well.

Hope you and your family are well! -Laura-

Laura Steinkellner

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Januray 14, 2009

Jason & Michelle,

Happy New Year. I'm sorry we have not updated you earlier. Brady is doing very well, he is playful and is a good boy all the way around. We took this shot before we went out for Halloween; he is wearing his namesake's jersey. He was the hit of the neighborhood. Thanks again for this incredible addition to our family.


Jay Gately

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